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Since 2021, We Nyoman Indah, Dewa Ayu Putu and Made Amilia, Cofounders of DAHAYU Jewelry represent to you our siver jewelry line. Our journey started from our collaboration in creating a uniquely crafted jewelry product with our passion and strong desire.

Our Products

Silver 925

Pucuk Ring, silver 925

inspired by the hibiscus flower which symbolizes beauty, fame and personal glory.

Silver 925 Pucuk earrings

a perfect piece for everyday wearing. .

Subeng Calla Lilies, Silver 925 gold plated

is inspired by Calla lilies flowers as a symbol of beauty and perfection.

Subeng Gantari, Silver 925 gold plated.

Is inspired by the sun and the crescent moon that give you a lively vibes.

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