About Us

Since 2021, We Nyoman Indah, Dewa Ayu Putu and Made Amilia, Cofounders of DAHAYU Jewelry represent to you our silver jewelry line. Our journey started from our collaboration in creating a uniquely crafted jewelry product with our passion and strong desire. Perfecting all of the creative ideas into something that represent woman's beauty with elegance and confidence. DAHAYU means "beautiful", We hope you love this beautiful piece of jewelry that made wholeheartedly, as we do.

Collection Of Memories Of Our Journey

to Make Our Dreams Come True "DAHAYU"

" Creativity is not the possession of some special talent. It's about the willingness to play."

–  John Cleese –

Dahayu's process of making jewelry

Inspirational Jewelry Ideas

Jewelry Design Planning

Designed on paper using a pencil with the size you want.


Skilled craftsmen carve designs out of wax (molds). A mold allows you to duplicate the model as many times as you want with any metal.


When a ring model is ordered, different metal components are ordered to the desired ring specifications. The components were put together and cut to size. The jeweler solders or lasers the metal to weld it to accommodate the right middle stone and finger size. Next, the rings go through a series of polishing steps to prepare them for stone setting. 


The last polishing step, ensures the ring has a smooth, high-quality finish.